New Years Day CX

Herne Hill Velodrome, London
01 Jan 2024
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New Years Day CX

Organised by:
HHV - Iain Cook

Race Preview

OCTÄVE are proud to host your annual New Year's Day hangover cure for the 4th year. Start 2024 with some exciting and fast but not overly serious cyclocross racing. Teams of two take it in turns to race a lap, before tagging their partner into the race, alternating laps until the finish. Getting a rest every lap means you can go a lot quicker in the race, hitting the technical sections with more speed and giving you a different challenge to most cross races through the season. There will be racing for every category from Under 10 and 12s to Youths, Seniors and Vets with podiums for the top pairs in the male, female and mixed categories.